Medium Sized Business

You're growing! Adding new tools, new policies, and new people can be exceptionally exciting. However, all this 'new' is not a guaranteed success. Just because you can implement something, doesn't always mean you should.



As you grow, hiring new people is one of the perks, but also a huge responsibility. In the perfect world, new people equates to more productivity. However, that relation is very rarely a perfect equation.

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Tool set growth

You can finally afford that fancy new software, but is it really the best solution for your organization? Just because something is in a shiny package doesn't mean it's the perfect option.

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Scaling Policy

Loose policy is almost a given for small business. No need to write down that sales must cc finance on a PO when Jane (your only sales person) goes out for a beer with Jim (your singular finance guy) every couple days. However, when requirements and processes are left undefined for too long, an organic policy begins to form as you grow. These natural tendencies are very rarely the most efficient, and quite often fail to scale well.

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